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FLIRT – Project F

A trade promotion with codes registration and lots of prizes

The Project

  • The background Project F is the place for the young and crazy. They are the city rulers, the party kings, the adventure chasers. Project F stands for Flirt, Friends, Fun, Feel, Freedom, Forever, Freak... It is provocative, it is trendy, it is sexy, and it breaks the rules!
  • The mechanics The trade promotion was based on code-registration mechanics. Every bottle had a unique hidden code, which users had to register on the campaign website. With one code registered, you could instantly win one of 3000 small prizes - t-shirts, backpacks, etc. With a second code, you could enter a lottery for 30x 1500 BGN party cash or 30x Samsung S7 Edge smartphones.
  • The advertising The campaign was advertised with web banners and in social media. The online ads were reinforced by TVC, OOH and POS ads. We also programmed a nonstandard provocative banner to “seize and break” the home page of VBOX7.
  • 17,411 codes registered
  • 9,537 total participants
  • 4,578 facebook shares
  • 39,700 new fans
  • 1,889,777 reached users
  • 140,047 page visitors

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