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Peshterska – Count the days till Christmas

An entertaining and engaging app, inspired by the pre-Christmas euphoria

The Campaign

  • The background As a tradition, the rakia has a special place on the table during holidays. Peshterska is a symbol of quality and is №1 on the Bulgarian market.

    In order to catch the pre-Christmas joy, we designed an app, called “Count the days till Christmas with Peshterska”.
  • The idea The app design consisted of 24 frost-covered little windows – one for each day from 1.12 till 24.12. Every day the window, corresponding to the day, became active and users were able to wipe the frost. Under the frost was hidden a surprise – a small prize or a nice Christmas fortune to share with friends. In addition to these small prizes, after the end of the campaign one of the users won the big prize – a camera.
  • 40,517 total windows opened
  • 6,742 registered
  • 5,158 fans increase
  • 269,013 reached users
  • 9,591 app visitors

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