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Teo bebe’s Fairies

An emotional and touching campaign with wishes for the babies.

The Fairytale

  • The background Teo bebe is one of the most loved baby care brands in Bulgaria. It is a brand that cares for your baby and its growth. To further develop the brand caring concept, we created the Teo bebe’s god fairies, who told the baby’s destine.
  • The idea We invited the mothers to upload a picture of their baby, write his/her name and send it to the fairies. Then the fairies would give out the destiny of the baby – a beautiful rhyming message with the baby’s picture. All pictures and wishes appeared in a gallery and the mother was able to share hers as a badge on their Facebook wall.
  • The wishes For the campaign, we prepared lots of different rhyming wishes for boys and girls, for example “We destine Maria to grow up beautiful as a rose, tender as a tear and loved by everyone!” or “We destine Anton to grow up smart, skillful and ingenious, and be handy at everything!”. Every mother was happy to receive such a beautiful wish for her baby.
  • 6,626 pictures sent
  • 5,056 total participants
  • 2,992 facebook shares
  • 4,310 new fans
  • 246,892 reached users
  • 16,066 app visitors

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