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Strategy & planning

  • Digital Strategy The first step in building a digital strategy is for us to take a look at the bigger picture and understand your needs. Then we can determine the measurable objective and set up the plan, defining who, what, when, where and how. With a consistent strategy and solid plan, the achievement of our digital objective is guaranteed.
  • Analytics & Research Data is crucial for every strategy, but data alone is not enough. In addition to thorough data gathering, we offer thoughtful analysis of the facts, to help us develop the most successful strategy for your business.
  • Competitor Research Understanding the competition is a prerequisite for the success of every company. What we offer is tracking your competitors’ digital activities, assessing the marketing landscape of your field.
  • Lead Generation If you’re operating in a field where leads are an essential component of keeping your business afloat, we can help you by developing an effective way to attract and convert leads - from initial engagement, through lead nurturing and qualification, straight to sales handoff.
  • UX Optimization Whether we’re building your website, landing page or campaign app, we can assure you that user experience is a top priority. Your visitors should be able to get what they need as easy and frictionless, as possible, so that they keep coming back.

Digital marketing

  • Social Media Social media is now a must for every business seeking to develop an effective strategy to spark dialogue with various communities. We will implement various activities through the relevant social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals.
  • Digital Advertising Whether you want to drive sales or enhance the effectiveness of non-digital media channels, digital advertising will never disappoint you. It is usually more efficient than traditional media and we make sure to get the best results out of your budget.
  • Email Marketing If you’re sending an email newsletter, a special offer or an invitation, we will deliver your message in an appealing, affordable and measurable way.
  • Content Marketing Traditional marketing nowadays is becoming less and less effective. Enter content marketing – the art of communicating with the audience without selling, but driving sales nonetheless. Our goal here is to create relevant, consistent and valuable content in order to enhance customer behavior.
  • SEO & SEM In the age of the customer your target audience is looking for your product or service long before you know something about them. This makes it essential for your website to achieve maximum visibility within search engines. We will help you rank better and increase traffic.

Creative & design

  • Visual Design We believe that every great idea needs to be represented in the appropriate fascinating way. From the visual composition to the perfect font and color palette, our dedicated designers will exceed your expectations in visualizing your busines
  • Motion graphics & video Our personal favorite! Video is getting more and more popular and is becoming the future of content marketing. We start at the creative concept and deliver with a flawless execution. Video content is all about the emotion and we will provide the best one.
  • Websites & Landing Pages What we offer is more than a website or a page – we offer you a solution. It will be beautiful, user-friendly, and efficient.
  • Digital Branding It is all about building a brand that intrigues. Narrating a captivating story with a beautiful experience will make your customer remember and love your brand.
  • Copywriting This is the art and science of converting words into compelling texts. Whether it is one sentence or a whole article, with our friends Rhetoric, Vocabulary and Grammar, we will give you a copy that will bridge the gap between you and your audience.

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