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Vereia’s Superwomen

A viral campaign revealing your woman’s super power with personalized prizes for every type.

The Campaign

  • The background The challenge that we faced with this project was to create a viral campaign reaching the maximum number of users with a small budget. When we are unable to develop something unique, we usually bet on a well-tried and easy mechanics, in this case – a test, which users must fill out to participate for prizes.
  • The idea The campaign was planned to launch in March (the women’s month) and was entirely targeted to the female audience. What made the campaign unique was the personalized test concept. It consisted of 5 questions about the woman’s personality. Based on the answers, the result could be one of the 5 types of super-women – Miss Clever, Kitchen Fury, Super Fashion Icon, Romance Expert and Super Athlete.
  • The personalization Depending on her test result, each woman participated for a different prize: a Kindle for the smart ones, a Pandora jewellery voucher for the fashionistas, a spa weekend for two for the romanticists, etc. Thus, we personalized the experience and every participant played for the prize that will make her the most happy. During the campaign we received many reviews that the test was fun and the results were accurate.

Personalization. Prizes.

  • 16,371 tests filled
  • 11,445 registered users
  • 7,592 shared results
  • 2,715 fans increase
  • 369,324 reached users
  • 20,408 app visitors

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